It is recognised that students need to maintain a high rate of attendance and punctuality to be successful in their studies and to prepare for Higher Education or future Careers. A minimum of 95% attendance rate is expected from all our students. The whole school attendance policy and procedure still apply in sixth form.

Daily Attendance

For Health & Safety reasons, the procedures in place for Sixth Form Students are outlined below:

All students must attend am & pm registration.

If for any reason a student arrives late to school e.g. due to a medical appointment, students sign in at the School Office.

Any student who has a reason to leave the school site should sign out from the Sixth Form Office and will be issued with a relevant pass.

Any student not meeting the expectation of 95%+ attendance will be issued with a contract of conditions they will need to meet to retain their place in sixth form.

Student Attendance Procedure

To authorise absence, parents are asked to inform the School Office in advance of any absence in the following ways:

Phone number: 0121 464 4040

A written letter/note is also accepted which should be submitted to the School Office.​

If no contact is made, text/phone calls home will be made.

Student Responsibilities

Attendance & Punctuality

Students are responsible for making sure that their attendance and punctuality is maintained at the highest level.

  • Every student is responsible for their own attendance and punctuality and must make every effort to attend school each day and arrive for form time and assembly on-time and all lessons fully equipped and ready to learn.

  • Following an absence, students must bring in a note explaining the reason for their absence.
  • Students who are absent have the responsibility of catching up with work that they have missed. They should make every effort to access missed work.
  • Students must follow the correct procedures when arriving late to school- signing in at the Office.
  • Students who are late are responsible for attending any support sessions set and failure to do so will result in further sanctions.
  • Any problems with attendance should be discussed with their form tutor in the first instance.
  • All students are expected to attend am & pm registration, and participate fully in the form time programme which covers issues relevant to the real world, SMSC & British Values, preparing them for life beyond sixth form.

Dress Code

DEC Sixth Form Dress Code has been devised by closely working together with the elected members of the Sixth Form Council. The Sixth Form is a key part of our 11 to 19 School and Sixth Form students reflect their commitment by establishing themselves as role models both for the local and wider community. The expectation of DEC Sixth Form students is to uphold exemplary standards of dress so that students in Years 7 to 11 follow their example. As leaders of learning in their own right, students in the Sixth Form will appreciate that appearance creates a learning environment which is conducive towards a positive working atmosphere. The student agreement, which encompasses, as young adults, the duties and responsibilities Sixth Form students have within school, includes adhering to the smart dress code.

If it is deemed that a student is inappropriately dressed, action will be taken according to the agreed staged process. In some instances, we will require the student to return home and change her/his clothes before returning to school.



Head phones and Mobile Phones are not permitted either in lessons or around the school building. Sixth Formers are role models to our younger pupils, therefore must conduct themselves in a sensible and calm manner around the school building.



During break and lunch time, headphone and mobile phones may be used, with sensible usage in mind i.e. not on show to main school pupils and not taking photos of others and posting on social media.



Ball games are only permitted during lunch time- which should take place behind the Sports Hall or in the Gym.



Sixth Form students are expected to study during non-contact time, therefore the common room is for before school, break-time, lunch time and after school use only. At all other times students should be in lessons, or in the library.



Conduct in the library must be exemplary. Younger pupils will be in the library, and the sixth form students must model correct usage and work ethic.



Conduct in the common room must also be exemplary- pupils must look after their space, be respectful of all equipment and of keeping the common room litter-free.



Sixth Formers are expected to meet all deadlines. When deadlines are not met, they will be issued with a sanction in order that they catch-up on the work as necessary. Continual failure to meet set deadlines will result in a review of their place at DEC sixth form, in line with whole school policy.



Sixth Form students are expected to be well equipped for their learning - folders must be well organised (in line with subject folder list) and they must have the necessary equipment for their lessons, as outlined above.

Student Leadership

We are very proud of our sixth form at DEC, and encourage our students to be role models to our main school pupils. Students will also benefit from any extra responsibilities they have in applying for University and for future employment. In light of this, students have the following opportunities:

  • Senior Prefect Positions
  • Senior Anti-bullying Ambassador
  • Literacy Volunteers - in class support for lower school pupils
  • Paired Readers- supporting younger pupils with their reading during form time
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • School Council Representatives