Careers Education, Advice & Guidance

Careers Leader: Mr W Ali


At Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School, we aim to prepare our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. Careers education and guidance is an essential part of this process, so we ensure that all our learners get access to a programme of careers education lessons, as well as face-to-face guidance from an independent, professionally-qualified careers adviser.

To support these activities, we share careers information as part of our school topic day and year 11’s have weekly input from our careers advisor Geoff Bowen who is able to provide access to information on local opportunities for work, volunteering, education and apprenticeships.


Careers Education

We are keen to see our pupils move into post-16 and post-18 choices that suit their skills, interests, personality, values and which take account of their motivations. Pupils are encouraged to consider what is important to them and increase their self-awareness through the careers education programme. The programme enables pupils to develop their personal insight, careers knowledge and develop career planning and management skills.

Careers Guidance

Pupils will get the opportunity to meet with a careers adviser at key decision points in their school life, and at other times if they are in particular need of support. At this time, they can talk about their ideas for the future, explore the range of options after they leave school and plan the steps to achieve their end goal. Pupils can expect advice and guidance that is personalised, comprehensive and impartial.

We aim to enable our pupils to make informed choices about their future learning and career pathways. Any student can book a one to one appointment with our external careers advisor by visiting the work related learning office.

Career Insights

Explore our ever growing library of videos providing candid real world insight into different careers. Find out what a typical day looks like, qualifications and skills needed for the job and what people wish they knew before they started out.